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Free Objects

You can download these few objects for Vue d'Esprit if you want. Mail me if you make a nice picture with them.

A little bird

A little bird (98 Ko) He is in the gallery, and Romain Guillard also used it for one of his pics.
The body was modelled with sPatch, and feet with Vue's primitives to save memory.
The sPatch file is in the archive.

A dolphin

Un dauphin... vous êtes malvoyant ?
  • The dolphin object for Vue2: (186 Ko)
  • The sPatch dolphin: (10 Ko)

Used in the "Big Blue" picture in my gallery. Completely modelled with sPatch; not so easy...
The young one in the foreground (in the gallery) was made from it.
I also give the sPatch file with wich you can see the way I work. The main idea is to start from the most complex transversal section, and then to extrude many times to get the general shape.
When the object is completed, I export the different parts as DXF files. Next a conversion to OBJ format with the freeware 3DWin. Then I use UVmapper (a very good freeware) wich gives me maps for texturing the object with a paint software. I don't give you my textures cause they are too ugly. The final step is to import the different parts into Vue2.
Lots of work indeed ! But I like the idea to use FREEware to fulfill my idea. If I can do it, everybody can do it.

Nota bene: Tip from Jean-Michel Dupuis, for such smooth objects increase the smoothing angle up to 180. The object is much better rendered.


Click the pic to download the archive

MANCHOT.ZIP (417 Ko) vob format (Vue d'Esprit 3)

A penguin; mesh was made with Hash.
To use it, just extract manchot.vob in the folder Objects of Vue d'Esprit and the pic manchot.jpg (JPEG 100%) in the folder Bitmaps (Before, you should save it as manchot.bmp (with Irfanview for instance). This is not necessary if you directly use the material editor).
If you find it too dark, don't hesitate to highlight it with a spot.


Free copyrighted Objects.

You can use freely those objects, for personnal or commercial use. You cannot redistribute them in any form, without my written consentement.

A classical checkerboard

Echiquier (3 Mo)

This VOB file is a little heavy (3 Mb), because I wanted pieces you can look at, relatively closely. Of course, besides the board, there is just one set of each pieces; a few copy-paste will give you all the pieces.
Textures are voluntarily simplistic, to let you modify them to your liking.


Amphore (475 Ko)

An amphora. VOB format (VUE 3) 474 Ko.


Free models made by friends.

Claude Holdowicz: visit his site

Claude has made a very cartoony plane and it's pilot. He precised: "Copyrighted models, free for non commercial use". If like me, you find them rather cool, don't forget to mail him a thank youi.


The plane and it's pilot

cartoon plane (1 Mo)

The VOB (Vue3) file is around 1 Mo


Denis McCauley: visit his site

Denis loves fractals, and with the freeware "Fractal Zplot", he found that he could use this soft to make 3D objects to be imported into Vue. Those objects are free of rights. Don't forget to mail him a thank you.

Les fractales de Denis

VOB format (Vue2) 499 Ko

VOB format (Vue2) 590 Ko

VOB format (Vue2) 308 Ko
VOB format (Vue2) 255 Ko
VOB format (Vue2) 576 Ko
VOB format (Vue2) 788 Ko
VOB format (Vue2) 294 Ko
VOB format (Vue2) 510 Ko
VOB format (Vue2) 244 Ko
VOB format (Vue2) 428 Ko