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Welcome to my page dedicated to Vue d' Esprit, one of the last numeric camera.
Here you could look at a few souvenir pictures of my imaginary journeys.

As I am a really poor photographer, you also could go to my links page to meet real artists.
Nevertheless you could always mail me , if you want.


  • (9 jan 2002) New objects courtesy of Denis McCauley
  • (9 dec) A new objet in the "Gift" section.
  • (21 oct) A new objet in the "Gift" section, thanks to Claude Holdowicz.
  • (13 oct) A new object in the "Gift" section.
  • (28 sept.) Giving a try to Vue d'Esprit Chatroom.
  • (5 sept.) Tutorials indexed at
  • (31 may) New pic in the gallery ("First Light").
  • (26 may) I reworked on my last pic, but ouch, 7h17 of render time thanks to "motion blur" ;-)
  • (24 may) Anew pic in the gallery. Update of a few links.
  • (17 april) A new tutorial.
  • (19 january 2000) A new object in the Gift section
  • (24 december) "Torc" pic of the day at e-on software 's website :) Merry Christmas and happy new year.
  • (18 december 1999) Updated a few links. Since I have received VUE 3, I will have to change the logo...
  • (18 november 1999) I deleted my guestbook. Thanks to those who have contributed. I am waiting for Vue 3...
  • (09 october 1999) A new pic in the gallery: "Yurt". Vue d'Esprit 3 Mover officially annonced.
  • (11 july 1999) 2 free objects to download.
  • (07 june 1999), new image in gallery.
  • Tutorials index page . (Last one: easy rainbow with Vue 2) .

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Disclaimer: I wrote those pages to help english speaking users of Vue d' Esprit, but this is not my first language; so feel free to mail me about grammatical or spelling mistakes.